Why weak men are compared to women ?

Yesterday at office there was a discussion about a guy. He is someone i have mentioned earlier in my posts. Yes, the submissive one. It seems that he cried during a discussion. So all were talking saying that he is so womanly.

This really irritated me. Why are weak men compared to women ? As if we are some weaklings…i was so angry that i turned red and BP shot up…

Why does this world think that being compassionate is only a women’s characteristics ? Cant a man be compassionate ? Why only a women can cry ? why cant men cry ?

what is wrong with every one ? Any weak characteristics is attributed to women…as if men are only strong beings created.. Why are women called the weaker sex ?  I am so upset with this entire episode…

Have you faced such issues ? How have you handled it ? What is your thoughts ?

Love is uncondtional

I wrote about emotional attachment in my previous post. Is emotional attachment same as Love ? I kept thinking about it and then the answer i got was a big NO. Emotional attachment is something that you try to  get secure some thing that you think you don’t have or cover up some insecurity.

When you love someone then your faults and insecurities do not matter. You are accepted as you are. Then it becomes divine. When you are in divine love even if the phone calls/text messages/mails are not coming or even if they are coming very less still you keep thinking and praying for the other person.

Now the question arises: Can you love someone who doesn’t love you back or doesn’t show her love?

I think so!! This may sound crazy.

But i have loved few who never reciprocated back. But then it never stopped me from loving them and praying for them. It may be some time when they realise my true love. They may or may not express the same to me. But for me i never matters!!

I provide love unconditionally, it is up to them to take it or leave it!!

I define love as a river that keeps passing through different areas, in some places the tide is stronger and it is advised not to venture into the river. Yes that is the gray zone, when love turns into obsession and leads to lot of other issues.

What do you think ? What is your definition of love ?

Emotional Attachment

Being emotionally attached to someone is good or is it bad ? Sometimes this makes you do anything the other person wants with just a word!! you try to be an angel to them, but do the reciprocate, i doubt!! Sometimes they take advantage of it!!

I have become the latest victim. She is one of my colleague!! She was going through a real bad patch in her life!! I counselled her, guided her and was support to her at the cost of my own time and life!! I thought her emotional well being is very critical!! I always did what is good for her even at the back ground!!

Recently she accused me of not being loyal to her and because of me she has got a bad image at work and her personal life is in shambles!!

This comes from a person who took 50-60% of my time at work and personal life for past several years…

The only thing i could do is close the door and cry and then pray for her well-being!!

Have you ever faced such a situation ? How did you cope with it ? Do let me know!!

Immersed into books – Favourite characters – If they married ?

20 years ago every book i read, i was inside it as a character. Sometimes a lead character, sometimes as a friend or someone who is part of the entire story!!

So much that i imagined how those places will look like!! The cities mentioned in them, the faces of the characters, everything.

Some of my favourite characters were Perry Mason and Della Street, Modesty Blaise & Willie Garvin!!

I loved the trust between these characters!! They were together come what may. They had to undergo so many things just to keep things going, but till the end one thing they never gave up was the trust and love they had for each other. there were situations that got them romantic but not to the end!!

I always imagine what would have happened if they had got married, had kids…would they have been happy ? Or the pressures of marital life would have got them ?

What do you think ? Who were your favourite characters ? Were they married ? How did it go ? Share you thoughts!!


It is now several years since i have got a good night sleep!! My sleep is always punctuated with dreams most of the times crazy and unpleasant variety!!

Not sure why this happens on a daily basis. I try to keep my mind free, i dont read things that are any way psychologically impacting, but still…it is wild west out there!! Craziness all around!!

I dont know if there are any interpretations for such dreams.

My top 2 favorites (though i dislike them most)

1. I am at school and then suddenly i discover my skirt has vanished. On that day i am always wearing a tight top and cant pull it down to cover myself. I keep roaming around the school with everyone making fun of me. For some reason i dont go home or run to a dormitory and lock the doors. I keep moving around with everyone poking fun on me

2. I am always running away with someone trying to catch me. I keep hearing that i have committed something very grave and needs to be caught. This strange dream keeps repeating in different ways, all crazy. At the end when i wake up i am so so tired and weak!!

I am not sure what these means, i tried searching around but couldnt get some good explanation.

Are you also troubled in your sleep by wild/crazy dreams ? I love to hear them if you want to share!!

Looking forward to hear from you all!!

Where is true love ?

True love is felt when someone provides it unconditionally without any expectations!! They dont care even if that love is returned or not!! It is like the love of a kid. Kid doesnt love its parents based on the number of gifts/chocolates/ice creams it gets.

But where is true love ? Why is it very rare to find it these days ?

It is because we cant accept people as they are. We want them to be someone in our thoughts who is perfect, who fits into a picture.

Why do we do this ? We all know what we are doing is not correct…but still we do it…why is that ?

Why cant we start radiating unconditional true love to everyone whom we know. Many will be surprised and many a times true love is viewed with skepticism, but that is fine, it shouldn’t stop us!!

I would love to know what you all think unconditionally, of course!! 🙂

Being very submissive

I want to share about one of my close work friends. He is a great guy and has tremendous respect for women. The other day he went to pick one of our senior leader and the moment he saw her in the gate, he ran and took the briefcase and the laptop bag from her till the car. Though she protested, he said ma’am what’s there in this ?. And I have been observing him from then, he has been very submissive around women senior or junior. Initially i thought he may have some bad intention inside him. But everyone came back and said he doesn’t cross the boundaries.

So I decided to call him and have a chat with him. He said ma’am I love women and always want to help them. I asked if it helps him in any psychological like arousal he surprised me by saying that from childhood he is conditioned like this and doesn’t help in any way. But he added that he is aroused when he oils and massages the hair of women. Till now the poor guy does it for the women in his family but has learnt to control his arousal.

I just didn’t have words and I just told him to be little bit more careful and all women may not like the kind of submissiveness he displays. He said he will correct it incourse of time. Poor thing not sure how he will he cope up with this request.

Felt bad!!

What do you all think ?

When GOD speaks to us

She speaks to us in many different forms only thing is we should be ready to listen!! Most of the time we are busy asking her what we need than listening to her and find out what she is telling us!! Sometimes the messages are sent through friendly people who are total strangers by kind actions or words. So keep your ears open, she always speaks to us through someone who is near and dear, someone who is far, through our dreams and through our thoughts!!

Keep your listening antenna always up and scanning the horizon.

Would love to know your experiences of she speaking to you!! Please share, may be she will send some messages through this blog!!

Thank you all my divine friends

Am back!!

Thanks to the wonderful telecom provider I have subscribed, I am back online. Some of you would have noticed already that I started to respond to the comments or posting comments!! Shree and Tia, thanks for your wishes and kindness, you are truly divine!!

Isn’t the world a wonderful place when you find out some one really cares for you when you are not there!!…thank you everyone!!